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Campus Downloading
Protect Yourself. Do It Legally.

Preview the Campus Downloading video by selecting one of the three available file formats, then choose to download the video if you’d like to use it on your campus. Please feel free to use this video as an educational tool with your students however you see fit, including making additional copies as necessary.

By way of example, here are some ways that we have heard schools are utilizing the video:

  • Show at orientation/in freshman life course
  • Broadcast as a PSA on the campus cable TV channel
  • Request that students view the video before logging onto campus networks at the beginning of each semester
  • Play before campus movies are shown
  • Stream for viewing on university system

If you decide to stream the video DVD, please do so from your internal site rather than sending students to the preview section for administrators on

If you experience problems downloading the video, please email your name, address and contact phone to to request a free DVD be mailed to you.

If your ordered a DVD in during the last several months, and did not receive your copy, we apologize for missing your order during our transition to downloadable videos. Please follow the steps above to obtain the video, and if you have any problems contact dvd@campusdownloading.

Thanks for your interest in the Campus Downloading video for use at your school.

Windows Media (6MB)
MP4 (5MB)
RealPlayer (6MB)